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This website is a small on-line collection of some of the works of me, Andy Daniel.

It is not yet complete, I still have a lot of work to format and add to the site, if you have specific needs or questions then get in contact.

I come from a tumultuous background of grimy but functional workshops, motorcycle racing, beards, cardboard boxes full of never-washed coveralls and poorly made instant coffee.

Over the years I have trained and worked as a motorcycle mechanic, a sign maker, a lecturer at Staffordshire University, MotoGP/World Super Bikes/BSB track marshal, a barman (and a bloody good one at that!) a courier, I managed garages, sold car parts, became a customer service specialist for the AA (Automobile Association) and have put in work on independent and studio films such as The Fifth Element and Watching and Waiting.

Most of all I have enjoyed working with people who are passionate in their area and I have held myself to a strong work ethic of investing myself entirely in each project.

I sincerely hope you enjoy looking through some of my work and look forward to working with you in the future.


I created this image for Wacom (bamboo graphics tablets) to showcase the possible uses for their products, but you may also have seen it used across social media for free under a creative commons license.


Over the years I have amused myself by creating a few different styles of comic strip, as you can see above I have enjoyed the 'fart joke' approach with Bodz & Moon-face, During the mid 2000s and in the grip of the W Bush era I found myself wanting to make some kind o bold public statement and found a way to do that through WhatsonUK - a national publication aimed at students.  I managed to push out a few episodes of The Fantastic: Democracy Man and a couple of one off posters depicting the hapless 'W' as terrible, tyrannical figure - a little naive but I still enjoy looking back at that snapshot of how I felt at the time, and I still enjoy the art and style I tried to capture.


Not everything I have done has been totally of my own design and not all of it has been for anything more than my own amusement,  I've collected some odd bits of design I've done over the years, from parodies of existing IPs or images to thinsg I did purely for fun or practice.

*OLDMANFISTSHAKE was a rap band I wrote and performed with in the mid 00s in Birmingham, 


I've worked on a fair few Indie games and big mod projects for PC games on my own and in groups.  I've done concept work on some of them and back in 2010 I also drafted up some Characters for a comic book that would have run through the narrative of The Apneist, a concept album from the Phoenix band A Life of Science - it all had to be totally transferable to a series of animated shorts for MTV, though the project never reached completion, though, some of the art lives on in my portfolio!


In october 2012 I decided I was going to sit down and crack how to create a really great terrain for one of my favourite PC games, that was the beginning of the story.  Imagine the middle as a montage-to-music with lots of shots of an empty coffee mug filling up with nub-ends and me experiencing various successes and failures over a music bed of Rocky Mouintain Way by Joe Walsh and the Funky Bunch and the ending would be the montage finally fading into a show of me cycling through the images in the gallery below with some kind of smug grin on my face and for some reason I'm dressed in a tweed suit.

I spent over 5000 hours on the terrain over two engines (I moved from Arma 2 to Arma 3). I learned the engine and it's quirks inside out and.  Making a realistic terrain is hard given that you can't precisely represent life without spending thousands more hours on new assets and eating up precious system resources, so compromises are made and I quickly learned how to compensate for some details and how to completely avoid others.

The following gallery is not everything but it is a representation of the level of work I was doing towards the end of the project.

It should be noted that with a few exceptions all of the structures you will see were not my work, but placing each an every object you see to create a world with atmosphere and character was.


Why waste space on this page explaining what was what and who I did it for, logos speak for themselves, it's kind of the point, right? You'll notice some of the logos will appear elsewhere on the site, that will be because I wanted to expand on some other aspect of what I was doing with that particular project.


Historically I come from a long lineage of bikers and racers - I myself am a terrible racer and my track record of keeping a bike rubber-side-down is terrible, though I have a deep love for motorcycles that has been unshakable for my entire adult life.  Throughout my life I have modified and customised motorcycles and this is something I have wanted to get back into in a more professional and organised way, going project by project and learning new skills and hopefully creating some great bikes along the way.

I’m at the beginning of my journey of motorcycle modification and though I have to keep a day job I hope to spend some good time working and keeping each project updated as I do so in the form of a blog.

I really hope that you enjoy looking over what I have done so far, and I look forward to keeping this page updated with new developments.

Next project: 1992 DR650


As a lapsed Motocrosser I've always wanted to do something with an offroader, my initial gut feeling was to go super-moto... but the more I think about it the more I want to come up with something new that would suit the DR better.  I have a lot of ideas but I really like the idea of building something that is ideal for touring and hitting trails and still has that super-moto feel, I want to build something that looks like what a modern dual sport would have looked like if it had been conceived in the late 80s and then survicved a nuclear war to become the bike of choice in a post apocalyptic world.

I'm going to keep the project live on this one as it moves with a constant blog and photos, videos and little how-to sections as I hit problems and overcome them, It should be a manual of how to build what I have built at the end of the project.#

Wish me luck!

Last Project: GSX-R 750

Original Bike: GSX-R 750 GR7AB (German Model)

Back in the mists of time I owned one of these beautiful machines that I wound up putting into the front of a black cab and destroying, since then I have always wanted to go back to one of these and do something fun with it, make the bike I wanted.


Habving been a child that grew up in the paddocks of road and dirt motorcycle racing, I developed an appreciation early on for the designs of the 70s and 80s, especially that period where the curved up rear end seemed to dominate car and bike design and before the days of introducing the complicated curves and forms that wind tunnels began to demand. The GSX-R 750 of this year was a pretty overweight looking bike, a big blobby rear end and a giant fairing that, although replicating the GP of the day, left the bike looking rather a lot like a darts player dressed as a 100 metre sprinter.

My goal was to lose the disgusting rear end and fairing and then give the bike a new line that followed through from the line of the exhausts and carbs all the way up to the back of the bike and then swoop it up.  I spent months learning how to fibreglass, how to work wood and form body-filler and use polishing waxes to build my form, the rest was actually pretty easy.

The paint job is a design I lifted directly from Fallout: New Vegas because I'm a giant nerd and the rusty, beat-up look reflects my desire to be The Toecutter from the original Mad Max film.

After all said and done I learned a lot onm this project that I can take forward into other projects and I got the bike I wanted at the end of it.


The back catalogue of Podestrians Podcasts (More to be Added)

Since September 2014 I have been recording a weekly Podcast with a team consisting of a three (including me) film and game fans who all have very different takes on the subject matter,  Over the course of show's history we have had a few different branches of shows including a Podcastcast that reviewed other Podcasts, a Gamecast, a Filmcast and a generic Podcast where we picked current topics to dive into and examine.

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